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YetteMoosh were a bakery, store and website based out of Auckland that specialised in making and selling gluten free food and allergen free food.

A bit like us here at Gluten Free 4U, they sold a wide range of allergen and gluten free food, some of which they made themselves, and some from other manufacturers.

Like many people who get involved in the gluten free food industry, the people at YetteMoosh had personal experience of Coeliac disease, and the lack of good quality, tasty products in New Zealand.

We’re sad to see that the Auckland store and website has had to close and wish Juliane all the best with her health challenges.

While we were competitors in the online market for Allergen free food, being based in Petone Wellington, Gluten Free 4U has a local customer base that that is quite different from the Auckland based Yette Moosh. That said, the more bakers and stores we have in New Zealand that are producing and selling gluten and allergen free food, the better it is for all the people around the country that have Coeliacs and other allergies to food ingredients and additives.

If you were a customer of Yette Moosh for food without gluten, or a range of other allergens, then please have a look at the range of products that Gluten Free 4U sell. We make some of our products ourselves in our bakery in Petone, and the rest we source and buy in to sell on our website.

If you have Coeliac disease, they we are here to help – everything we sell is gluten free. We also do a good range of products that are suitable for people with other food allergy, including:

Finally, if you had a favourite product that you bought from Yette Moosh that we don’t sell, please get in touch with us. We are always interested in sourcing new allergen and gluten free food and are happy to do our best to get in what you want.

If your fave was something that YetteMoosh made themselves, then it’s a bit trickier, but don’t despair. Give us a yell and let us know what the product was, and we’ll see if it’s something that we might be able to make ourselves in our own bakery.