Lee Thal Tumeric 500mls

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Product Description
Lee-thal Latte is all natural & fresh ingredients; its Gluten Free; Dairy Free; refined Sugar Free & Paleo friendly. No additives or preservatives.
A few years ago Lee was looking for a healthy alternative to coffee. She came across turmeric latte and started making these. Only problem was; it was so time consuming and messy. She then created a paste that she could keep in her fridge; add to her milk; heat and strain into her coffee cup. It was great; but still needing to strain it was a pain. She then went on to make it into a concentrate and quickly realized she was on to a winner!
The health aspects are important to her; so she use's all natural whole foods in making her concentrate.
?Every ingredient she use's has it's own health benefits; so putting them together; not only does it taste great; but is also great for you!