Massel Gravy Rich Style 130gr

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Product Description
We’re bringing back Real Gravy flavour!

Massel takes the finest quality ingredients and blends them with care to make a premium gravy that delivers amazing results whilst being suitable for all people – from meat lovers to vegans.

You’ve worked hard to make your meal a masterpiece; now rely on Massel to deliver that restaurant quality flavour you’re looking for.

Unique Plant Based Gravy with all the benefits you’d expect from Massel including Low FODMAP & Gluten Free.

Pour over your favourite Vegetable or Meat dishes to add a rich; sumptuous flavour and texture.
Ingredients & Allergens
Modified Tapioca Starch (1442), Maltodextrin (Maize) , Yeast Extract, Sea Salt, Colour Caramel (150A), Natural Vegetable Flavour, Canola Oil