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Ceres Organics Raw Blue Agave Syrup 400gr

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Product Description
Cutting down refined sugars can be hard – like opening childproof containers hard. This jar of Ceres Organics Raw Blue Agave Syrup is here to help you out. It is a natural sweetener harvested from the core of the blue agave plant. It is a mild delicious syrup that is a ideal for sweetening beverages; porridge; pancakes; waffles; yoghurt; cereal and more. It is also great in smoothies; iced tea; or cocktails as it dissolves quickly in cold beverages. Agave is easy to bake with as well; use 3/4 - 1 cup of agave syrup in place of 1 cup of refined sugar.
Dietary: Gluten Free; Vegetarian; Vegan; Plant Based; Egg Free Recipe; Nut Free Recipe; Dairy Free Recipe; Lactose Free

Values: Certified Organic; Fair Trade; B Corp Certified Brand; GE Free Inputs
Ingredients & Allergens
Certified Organic Blue Agave Syrup