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Schar Fior di Sole Biscuits 100g

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Product Description
Shaped like a summer flower; golden as the autumn sun. Milky icing on the blossoms and nutrients in the heart: a biscuit for all kinds of weather and every season!

Dipped into hot chocolate in front of the fireplace or as a snack on the swimming pool lawn: This shortcrust biscuit is always a delight. Little drops of milk icing on the sweet biscuit blossom make the sun rise even on rainy days. A lactose free between-meals treat; made of exquisite ingredients; in a practical snack pack. Spring; summer; autumn and winter - not only the kids love this biscuit!

maize flour ; potato starch ; sugar ; palm fat ; rice syrup ; eggs ; modified maize starch ; rice starch ; egg white powder ; raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate ; natural flavouring ; salt . May contain traces of soy and lupin