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Yum Earth Organic Strawberry Lollipops 85g

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Product Description
What kinda kid doesn't love a lollipop?

These organic; allergen-friendly strawberry sweet treats are perfect for birthday parties as a treat/sometimes food. They're free of egg; fish; shellfish; peanuts & tree nuts; milk; soy and wheat.

The lollipops are low in fructose and are kind on kids' tummies; making them a safe choice for kids with tummy troubles.

Serving size: A ~15g lollipop is low FODMAP; 14 lollipops per 85g bag.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar; Organic Rice Syrup; Citric Acid; Ascorbic Acid; Natural Flavour; Coloured With Concentrate (Black Carrot And Blackcurrant).