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Jumbo Stroopwafels 8pk 240gr

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Product Description
Eat gluten-free and still enjoy a snack? We at Gluten Free 4u want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves without worries. That's why Gluten-Free Stroopwafels are available in our shop. So; everyone with a gluten intolerance (coeliac disease) can still enjoy the most delicious biscuit from the Netherlands. A bag contains eight gluten-free Stroopwafels and are also lactose free.
They are even better when you warm them up before you eat them. Just pop them on top of a hot cup of coffee or tea! The original Stroopwafel has a delicious caramel syrup filling between the waffles. Put this treat on the table and your coffee break is complete. Surprise your colleagues with this great snack during the day or welcome your guests at home. There are many moments to enjoy a delicious Jumbo Gluten Free Stroopwafel.